Emergency Dental Services

Dr Riaz Hassan
25, Aug 2021

A lot of patients contact us each week as they have a dental emergency and are unable to get an appointment with their dentist. Whereas we were the first NHS Urgent Dental Centre (UDC) to open in Bedfordshire at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, we ceased to be an NHS Urgent Dental Centre from April 2021.

If you have a dental emergency, you should ring NHS 111 in the first instance. NHS 111 will be able to direct you to your nearest NHS UDC. If you have a  swelling that extends to the neck or the eye or is causing difficulty in breathing or swallowing, you should attend the A&E department at the nearest hospital.

We are able to offer patients private emergency appointments as we are an independent dental practice. If you would like an emergency appointment, kindly ring us on 01234 269666 to check availability.

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