Oral Surgery

oral surgery

Individuals who require surgical extractions to resolve issues with their teeth may find their ideal solution in the range of treatments offered at Bedford Dental Surgery.

The type of procedure carried out often depends on the needs of the individual and the purpose their oral surgery is likely to serve. Many people may need oral surgery to prepare for dentures to be fitted, while others may need to undergo a wisdom tooth extraction.



One of the most common procedure carried out at Bedford Dental Surgery are dental extractions. Such procedures are usually carried out under a local anaesthetic, but in the cases of very nervous or anxious patients, it is possible to carry out the procedure under sedation.

Dental extractions are needed when a tooth has become badly decayed or injured through trauma and can not be saved using dental restorations. In other cases, extractions are used in conjunction to orthodontic treatment, making room for other teeth to grow or move into place.

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