Anxious Patients

Anxious Patients
Are you anxious or nervous about dental treatment, or dental phobic?

Are you anxious or nervous about dental treatment, or dental phobic?

Many of our patients tell us that they have had bad experiences with dentists. To be anxious or fearful about dental treatments is not unusual. We are highly experienced and skilled in treating anxious and frightened people and have dental sedation options to suit all needs.

  • Having had great success in helping patients overcome fears associated with dental treatments please be assured you are in safe hands.
  • We will listen to your needs and concerns, so please discuss any anxieties you have with our highly trained staff. We know it can be hard to pluck up courage to come to the dentist (especially if you have not been for a while).
  • When you come to our practice, you will always get a sympathetic and friendly welcome.

We have choice of dental sedation techniques

    Intravenous sedation is the administration of a drug into the blood system by injection usually in the arm or hand and is quite painless. This technique produces a feeling of relaxation and sleepiness. Treatment can then be carried out by using the normal local anaesthetic, which is given as needed during treatments. Even the most highly anxious patients can be successfully treated with this technique.
    This technique uses a mixture of gases, which is inhaled by the patient to produce a feeling of comfort and give a degree of pain control. This is similar to the “Entonox” commonly used in childbirth. Inhalation sedation produces an overall feeling of well-being (euphoria). Some patients feel like they are floating on a cloud.
    As a pre-medication, tablets be taken at home to relieve the anxiety of the anticipation of the dental treatment. Frightened patients often find this helpful before having another form of anxiety management in the practice. Oral sedation can also be given as a drink within the practice environment. It takes about half an hour for the medication to work.
    For adult patients who are nervous of cannulation (needle in the hand), we can provide an option where the sedative is administered through a nasal spray. Once the patient is sedated, the sedationist will then place a cannula in the hand so that the sedative can be topped up or reversed if necessary. The patient will be unaware of this being done as they will already be sedated sufficiently.
We have choice of dental sedation techniques

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