Welcoming Our New Dentists

Dr Riaz Hassan
06, Dec 2021

We are pleased to welcome two new Dentists to our team. Santhia and Sadia joined us in December and both of them will be working two days a week. Both are experienced Dentists who have recently moved to Luton, and decided that they would like to work ... Read More

Invisalign Open Day

Dr Riaz Hassan
10, Nov 2021

Invisalign has proven to be really popular and combined with teeth whitening and composite bonding, patients can get the brilliant smile they have always wanted. With our Invisalign open day on 19th and 26th November, this is a fantastic opportunity ... Read More

Proud Sponsors of Luton Town Football Club

Dr Riaz Hassan
05, Oct 2021

We are proud to sponsor our local football club, Luton Town Football Club. The club was founded in 1885 and is a landmark institution in Luton. The club plays in the Championship and we look forward to support them as they move to the brand new stadi ... Read More

Invisalign in Luton

Dr Riaz Hassan
08, Sep 2021

Due to the increased demand for Invisalign at our practice, we now have two more Dentists offering Invisalign, Anand and Prem. Both Anand and Prem have been with us for several years and have recently undergone training in Invisalign. This means that ... Read More

Emergency Dental Services

Dr Riaz Hassan
25, Aug 2021

A lot of patients contact us each week as they have a dental emergency and are unable to get an appointment with their dentist. Whereas we were the first NHS Urgent Dental Centre (UDC) to open in Bedfordshire at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, w ... Read More

Same-Day Teeth

Dr Riaz Hassan
14, Jul 2021

What are same-day teeth? Same-day teeth is a treatment where the Implantologist removes any remaining teeth and places implants at the same time. A dental bridge is fitted to the implants at the same time, so that you walk out with shiny new replacem ... Read More

Teeth whitening

Dr Riaz Hassan
02, Jun 2021

We have had a lot of interest in teeth whitening over the past few months. Teeth whitening is a quick and easy way to improve the appearance of the teeth. Am I suitable for teeth whitening? At the initial appointment, your Dentist will check your mo ... Read More

Teeth Whitening in Luton

Dr Riaz Hassan
20, Apr 2021

At Bedford Dental Surgery, we provide teeth whitening which is a simple and easy way to make your teeth look whiter and have a brighter smile. How does it work? At the first appointment, your Dentist will check all the teeth and the gums to make sure ... Read More


Dr Riaz Hassan
10, Mar 2021

Am I suitable for Invisalign? Invisalign is suitable for most people in straightening the teeth. Your Dentist will examine your teeth at the consultation appointment to make sure that you are suitable. You can view more information by clicking the li ... Read More

Dental Implants

Dr Riaz Hassan
10, Feb 2021

Can I have implants? We receive a lot of enquiries from patients as to whether they are suitable for implants. And the short answer is YES for most patients. You can have a chat over a coffee with our treatment coordinator who will be able to give yo ... Read More

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